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Covington Contract

Covington Contract



​Since 1940 Covington Fabric and Design has provided decorative, high quality product to the residential markets worldwide.  Covington Contract continues this tradition by providing beautiful, high quality upholstery, bedding and window products to the hospitality industry worldwide.  As a converter and importer of decorative hospitality fabrics, Covington Contract offers the best quality products and services at the most reasonable prices.  Working in partnership with our customers, we also provide customization and can arrange and procure finished bedding and seating products

Originated as a family business and continuing the tradition today, Covington has a long and successful history in the textile industry. We have a talented staff of qualified professionals from the fabric, consumer product, international, service and information technological industries, always willing to assist our customers.


Each year, Covington launches hundreds of exciting, trend-leading designs for every market we serve. We source domestic and international markets and work with the world's top textile mills, to offer the best quality products at the most reasonable prices. Working in partnership with our customers, we also offer finished bedding and seating products.

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