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Swarovski & Schonbek

Swarovski & Schonbek



The Swarovski Group: World Leaders in Cut Crystal

In 1895, in Tyrol, Austria the visionary Daniel Swarovski invented a machine to cut crystal perfectly and precisely. Still owned and run by the Swarovski family today, Swarovski is the world leader in cut crystal for jewelry and decorative pieces as well as lighting, architecture and interiors.

Swarovski introduced their ornate ground crystal elements for use by designers and manufacturers of chandeliers and lighting fixtures in 1965.

In 2011, Swarovski formally established Swarovski Lighting, Ltd., which includes two distinct premium consumer lighting brands; Swarovski, with its contemporary aesthetic, and Schonbek, with its classic designs. Together, Swarovski and Schonbek have been granted over 200 design patents and share more than 250 years of crystal and lighting history.


Swarovski decorative lighting illuminates spaces using contemporary and fresh design language united with expertise in cut crystal and state-of-the-art lighting technology.


Schonbek® lighting is synonymous with authentic handcrafted crystal chandeliers of the highest heirloom quality. Each creation is a radiant masterpiece of elegance and opulence, designed and crafted to illuminate generations to come.

In 1870, young Adolph Schonbek left his grandfather’s glassworks to found A. Schonbek & Co. The young entrepreneur focused on manufacturing crystal chandeliers of the finest quality and quickly built up a successful international business. He was eventually awarded the company’s iconic crest by Franz Joseph I of the Habsburg Court, most notably known as the former Emperor of Austria.


Passing on this entrepreneurial spirit, the family’s resilience and passion continued to shine through in its chandelier making, with ingenuity as a driving force. For more than 140 years, the Schonbek name has carried with it a reputation as a change-maker in lighting, revolutionizing the industry. 

True to the company’s heritage of done-by-hand craftsmanship, each premium Schonbek chandelier is delicately hand worked, creating timeless lighting designs of exceptional grandeur that are appreciated by traditionalists and modernists alike.

Schonbek is a made-to-order brand, offering lighting in a choice of more than 40,000 customizable combinations of finishes, crystal types and styles. Each piece shines with an individual, special character.

Sought after the world over, Schonbek has a glittering global presence in buildings of grand historic importance, palaces, luxury hotels and resorts, casinos, fine restaurants, Hollywood film sets, and other prestigious settings. Schonbek offers a diverse range of custom capabilities, making the brand an ideal partner for the most complex custom lighting projects.

Schonbek has been a member of the Swarovski Group since 2007. Schonbek lighting is designed, engineered and manufactured in Plattsburgh, NY, U.S.A.

Custom Lighting Solutions

From inception to completion, our designers and engineers work hand in hand with interior designers and architects to model the original lighting fixture and skillfully transform it to personalized perfection.


Architecture & Lighting

Driven by a pioneering spirit that dates back to founder Daniel Swarovski, it has always been Swarovski’s aim to find new ways to introduce crystal into daily life. It was in 1966 that Swarovski crystals were first used for chandelier and lighting designs. Since then, its lighting and interior experts have continued to push the boundaries, innovating what previously seemed impossible and creating products that simply make life beautiful.

Architecture & Lighting focuses on loose crystal stones in myriad shapes, colors and effects, completed by a dazzling selection of Crystal Strands, Knobs & Handles, Crystal Surfaces, Interior Decorations, plus Crystal Palace Chandeliers created by world-renowned designers. Through its project business, Swarovski also offers customization, creating bespoke solutions to open up a unique and sparkling world of ideas for designers, artists and architects.

Hotel Suite (see above image)

Glaciarium 'Superline' designed by Fredrikson Stallard, Glaciarium Vase designed by Fredrikson Stallard, Glitterbox Chandelier and Lantern designed by Georg Baldele, 7313 Cross Handle.

Fredrikson Stallard’s Glaciarium collections are the perfect complement for hotel interior design. The pieces make a powerful statement while emphasizing the properties of the crystal.

Inspired by the power of their materials, designers Fredrikson Stallard collaborated with Swarovski to produce a range of chandeliers, home décor, and crystal chandelier components. The Glaciarium collections are inspired by Swarovski’s complex crystal production techniques and the behavior of the crystal in its raw state. Glaciarium celebrates the mysterious appearance and powerful nature of the crystal.


Fredrikson Stallard commented, "There’s always a balance in our work between the sense of something that’s been made and something that’s been found and that is what we refer to as effortlessness. One thing about effortlessness, it is incredibly difficult to do, to create an object that you have very strictly controlled but has the sense that ‘of course that’s what it should be’. By combining the language of more natural surfaces with the precision cut facets in Glaciarium we’ve achieved that.”

Hotel Lobby (see above image)

Mini Voyage designed by Yves Béhar, Glitterbox lantern designed by Georg Baldele, Classic Panel, Glaciarium 'Voltaire' designed by Fredrikson Stallard.

Mini Voyage by Yves Behar is a scaled-down version of a crystal chandelier created for Swarovski Crystal Palace. The Mini Voyage retains the impressive design in a scaled-down version that is approximately 200 cm / 79" in length and glitters with up to 5,000 Swarovski crystals, lit from within by white LEDs. The Mini Voyage is a dazzling eye-catcher for hotel lobbies, ballrooms and event spaces.

Walls and accent surfaces benefit from Swarovski’s cutting-edge crystal surfaces. This stunning collection of surface treatments creates instant sparkling effects and offers limitless crystal interior possibilities. 

Classic panels open a fantasy of dimension and sparkle. Rooms appear more spacious, transformed by the glittering panels. Lit with natural sunlight or artificially, they take on a brilliant radiance. Use the Classic Panels for walls, ceilings and floors, their enhanced safety glass allows a full spectrum of uses.


Retail (see above image)

Mini Voyage designed by Yves Béhar, Active Panel.

On-trend retail spaces use Swarovski crystal chandeliers and components to create a memorable design and draw the eye into the space. This space uses the Mini Voyage Chandeliers designed by Yves Behar to light the room with brilliance. 

Swarovski’s Active Panels are tactile, sparkling, and highly polished to bring brilliance to the space. Crystals are incorporated into the surface and lit from behind with LED bulbs for a stunning effect. 

Swarovski has a full line of luxury lighting, stunning panels, architectural components and home décor. Explore our collections for more inspiration.



Crystal Components in Lighting

The newly launched Swarovski Lighting business features centre stage at the newly built Metropolitan Opera House at the Lincoln Centre in New York, where Swarovski crystal 'Sputnik' chandeliers steal the show on opening night. The first ovation is for the chandeliers as they glide upwards to avoid obstructing the views from the higher seats. Today, Swarovski crystals adorn classical chandeliers such as those in the Palace of Versailles in Paris [since 1980] as well as more modern lighting schemes. 


Swarovski Crystal Palace

Nadja Swarovski launches a groundbreaking Swarovski Crystal Palace design project which pushes the boundaries of lighting and design through creative collaborations with designers. Each year, renowned designers such as Ron Arad, Zaha Hadid and Tord Boontje reinterpret classical chandeliers, creating new, avant-garde designers. 


Swarovski & Schonbek Unite

Schonbek, a 140-year-old manufacturer of premium crystal lighting, becomes part of the Swarovski Group. The two brands' shared passion for creativity, innovation, and quality promises a brilliant future. 


A Responsible Business

Swarovski publishes its first Sustainability Report, outlining its activities in the area of sustainability and promoting its social and ecological values. Focused on Swarovski's sites in Wattens, Austria, the report looks into topics such as health and safety, diversity and equal opportunity, energy management, and community investment. 


The Swarovski Foundation

Building on Swarovski's commitment to charitable giving, both within the community and in the wider realms of the environment, The Swarovski Foundation is created to support charitable projects under three main pillars: 

  • Fostering culture and creativity

  • Promoting wellbeing and human rights

  • Conserving natural resources

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